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Ambasewana cakes are freshly baked exclusively for you in every day.Ambasewana branded cakes make you experience the heights of quality, irresistible, fabulous and mouthwatering taste which will never leave your sweet memories.

About Us

The famous Cake and Pastry Shop in Sri Lanka.AMBASEWANA is well known for its cakes and pastry items in all over the island. It's popular for offering a unique variety of freshly prepared Cakes, Gateaux , Bread, Bun, Dessert, Fried Rice,Nasi Goreng. according to the researches held recently. our products are very delecious and in the best of quality. the customers can have a wide range of latest designes of rare foods in our both Pamburana and Matara town.so... why are you waitting for more...
Be hurry. come and experience the difference with us.Do you like to keep your frienship or relationship forever..?Then serve Ambasewana products for them when come to your place Take them Ambasewana products when you go there.If you take your girl friend or boy friend to Ambasevana resturant,