Welcome To Sri Lanka Cake Shop Ambasewana

Ambasewana cakes are freshly baked exclusively for you in every day.Ambasewana branded cakes make you experience the heights of quality, irresistible, fabulous and mouthwatering taste which will never leave your sweet memories.


Delivery Services (via AMBASEWANA)

A transaction in which securities are delivered before any payment is made. Free delivery is essentially an extension of credit to the borrower of the securities, and involves the risk of the buyer not paying.


We deliver the majority of our southern province matara district orders within 1 working days* for FREE. Other delivery is normally charged at $2

  1. Deliveries to Matara addresses are made Monday to Sunday between 9am to 6pm, excluding Bank Holidays.

  2. Multiple items may be delivered in more than one parcel and at different times.


Collecting your order from store

  1. After placing your online order you will need to wait until you receive an email from us informing you that your order is now ready for collection.

  2. To collect your order you must bring your order update email (or order number) and your payment card for customer verification. If someone else is collecting the order on your behalf, they must bring a copy of your update email (or order number) and additional ID in the form of: passport, driving licence, bank card, cheque guarantee card, pension book or proof of age card.

  3. Please note you must collect your order within 1 days of receiving your notification email.