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Ambasewana cakes are freshly baked exclusively for you in every day.Ambasewana branded cakes make you experience the heights of quality, irresistible, fabulous and mouthwatering taste which will never leave your sweet memories.

How are refunds credited?

Any refund you receive for returned goods will be credited to the payment method used; your Freemans account or your credit/debit card as appropriate. If you added the item to your Freemans account the refund will be reflected in your next monthly statement. If you have a balance outstanding, this, and the minimum payment amounts will be amended. If the balance has already been paid, it will show as a credit.

Online Statements
All new accounts opened from 7th June 2010 will receive online statements only. We will send you an e-mail reminder when your statement is ready, and we will provide a link to a secure area on our website to view your statement. If you fail to make payments on two consecutive statements we will revert to sending you paper statements. Once your account is up to date, you will once again receive online statements.